Ontario, Canada

As consumers approach the beef section in their neighbourhood supermarket, their priorities are pretty clear. They’re looking for a safe, wholesome, tasty, well-priced product for their protein dollar. As a beef industry – producers, shippers, processors and marketers – it is everyone’s responsibility to see that those priorities are satisfied each and every time.

Welcome to the Quality Starts Here Verified Beef Production Program – a voluntary, positive and proactive on-farm program that addresses food safety issues.

By following this program’s simple guidelines for procedures and record-keeping, producers can help to ensure that the product that leaves their farm-gate is as safe as possible – and they’ll have the verified records to show it.

The Ontario Cattlemen's Association (OCA) is making this national on-farm food safety program available to all beef producers (feedlot, cow-calf, backgrounder) in the province of Ontario. Beef Improvement Ontario (BIO) is involved to assist the industry in the adoption of food safety and information related programs in the province.